The Best Hyper Realistic Artists In The World

Hyperrealism is a type of artwork that involves creating art that’s as realistic as possible. For anyone that’s attempted to draw or paint in the past, it doesn’t take long to realise that it takes a lot of time and dedication to capture an image in as much detail as possible, but trying to make a mirror image of that scene is nearly impossible.

This isn’t always the case, however, and there are some people that are able to recreate a subject or scene in almost perfect detail. These are artists that spend their lives ensuring their art can match even photography in many ways. With that in mind, these are some of the best hyperrealism artists on the planet.

Tjalf Sparnaay

Well most-known for creating lifelike stills of food, Tjalf Sparnaay is a Dutch artist that has long been a pioneer in the hyperrealism art scene.

First starting out in 1987, he’s been creating art for most of his life, much of which is sold for many thousands of dollars. While he’s worked on a few genres over the years, perhaps is most popular his scenes of food, which are so realistic that one wouldn’t be mistaken for thinking they were photographs.

Roberto Bernardi

Dedication is everything for the hyperrealist trying to put a new piece together, and this dedication is especially prevalent when it comes to Roberto Bernardi. He spends around an entire month working on his art, creating truly breathtaking scenes of hyperrealism that could put even a modern DSLR camera to shame.

Bernardi began painting at a fairly early age, and while he did see some success in portrait and landscape work, he eventually delved into the world of hyperrealism, where he has honed his skill to a fine art. He covers numerous subjects and scenes, and all of them are incredibly detailed and vivid, much like we’d find with casino bonuses in Sri Lanka.

Gottfried Helnwein

This Irish-Austrian artist has been involved in the world of art since he was young, and has experimented with a wide range of genres, including sculptures, photography, and performance art. But his true skill shines when it comes to hyperrealism, where he focuses much of his attention on sociological and psychological pieces, hoping to capture the essence of the human mind.

His work is often subject to criticism and controversy, especially when it’s centred around a topic that would otherwise be fairly taboo among the public. Regardless, his talent on the canvas is undeniable, and while much of it focuses on children and the violence they suffer, it’s almost impossible not to appreciate his work in one form or another.

Joongon Charles Jeong

Joogon Charles Joeng is a portraiture artist that has gained a lot of international fame for the art that he creates, which almost always consists of hyperrealistic portraits of famous figures.

The detail found in his paintings is almost without comparison, and it’s common for people to believe his pieces are photographs.

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