History’s Best Science Fiction Writers

Science fiction has always been a potent force in the world of modern literature. There have been countless books, novels, comics, and short stories that make use of the imaginative world of science fiction, which in turn have led to a plethora of brilliant series and movies.

It can be a difficult type of writing to get right, especially when it’s a medium that can easily fall into the realm of jargon and nonsense. Fortunately over the years, there have been some truly gifted authors that have given science fiction the integrity and creativity that it needs to be enjoyed by a broad audience. Here we will look at some of the best science fiction writers that have ever lived.

Arthur C Clarke

Considered one of the greatest sci-fi writers of all time, Arthur C Clarke is often seen as one of the godfathers of the medium, alongside such titans as Isaac Asimov. His stories are known through their many film adaptions, although those that are fans of his work tend to argue that his writing simply can’t be properly conveyed on the big screen.

2001 is widely regarded as his very best creation, which eventually led to the film of the same name, that is still seen as one of the top science fiction movies ever made. He was a true pioneer, and there are many recollections of his adventures that he undertook during his lifetime.

Isaac Asimov

This American writer hardly needs an introduction, and was at the forefront of science fiction for decades. Despite living many years before modern technology, Asimov had an uncanny ability to properly predict the kinds of technologies that were well before his time, and many of his predictions have come true today.

I, Robot is one of his greatest works, and foundation of the famous 3 Laws of Robotics, which he used as a means of keeping the robotic creations in his works under control. Asimov was also set apart due to the fact that he was a well-educated and acclaimed scientist, and he used his knowledge of the world and his educational background to create unique and powerful stories.

Robert Heinlein

Robert Heinlein might not be as well-known as Isaac Asimov, but he’s still regarded as one of the most talented authors of his generation, and helped to kickstart science fiction’s popularity throughout pop culture, from media to Canadian slots. His work ethic and imagination is without equal, and he’s probably most well-known for adding social commentary to his works. This was something that set him apart in the world of science fiction – where most other authors simply focused on the themes of the fiction itself, Heinlein would inject relatable social dilemmas and paradigms into the writing.

A great example of this is Starship Troopers: a story about war against an alien race, but one that also looked at the implications of a society that put its soldiers first before everyone else, among many other examples.

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