Historical Books That Changed The World

There’s a strong argument to be made that books are the reason that we as a species were able to lift ourselves above the other creatures that we share the earth with. The ability to read and write is still one of the most important in the world and allows billions of people to learn and grow.

Historical books are a vital part of that growth, allowing us to look back into time and see how our ancestors lived; to gain a new perspective into what we have now. These are some of the very best history books ever written and are a must for anyone that wants a glimpse into the past.

1. The Wealth Of Nations

The Wealth of Nations was first published in 1776 by Adam Smith, making it one of the oldest modern books in the world. The book is worth a read for anyone that wants to better understand the capitalistic approach we’ve adopted throughout most of the world.

It’s argued that it’s the very foundation of modern economics; as well as the origin of econometrics. It’s the book that started it all, and many economists believe that it’s as relevant then as it is today.

2. The Origin of Species

There’s been endless controversy surrounding Charles Darwin’s famous theories on evolution, with many creationists believing that what was he wrote about can’t be true. While evolution isn’t quite as he described in his well known book, it spawned entire new generations of curious scientists who would eventually dedicate themselves to finding out where we came from.

We still don’t have that many answers, but as more scientists continue to piece together our mysterious past, we can thanks Charles Darwin for pointing us in the right direction.

3. The Communist Manifesto

Written together by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, this book illustrates the foundations of communism and how it works. It breaks down both the theory and the practice of communist movements around the world, and how culture, politics, and the economy have different effects on the people living today. It’s a powerful book that still holds up today, and applies to many of the communist countries that have thrived in the last few decades, such as China, which is now the ultimate country for big wins for everyone.

4. The Complete Works

The Complete Works is a compilation of William Shakespeare’s finest work, including all of his full plays and short stories, all of which were released during his lifetime in the 17th century. Shakespeare is regarded as one of the greatest writers of all time, and his influence on the English language is a testament to his skill and imagination.

Anyone with a love of the English language and plays would find a lot to enjoy from the many works of this famed writer.

5. The Republic

The Republic is is a piece of work from Plato, one of history’s most well known philosophers. The book dives deeply into the nature of democracy and the world around us, and many of his ideas at the time would form the basis of our moral and justice systems that we use today.

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