The Best Maritime Museums Worth Visiting

Mankind conquered the ocean a few hundred years ago, and it’s an important and intrinsic part of our history, including how we moved from place to place.

That’s why many countries, companies, and individuals have made it a priority to try and save as much maritime-related history as possible, including the various marine artefacts and stories that encompass the rich history that we share with the ocean.

For travellers and marine enthusiasts that want to learn more about the fascinating world of marine history, these are the best maritime museums in the world.

Australian National Maritime Museum

This museum can be found in the Australian Darling Harbour, and documents the history that the country has shared with the ocean. Many of the exhibitions that can be found are linked to naval defence, as well the rich surf culture that has become popular over the last few decades.

There are countless pieces of information spread throughout the venue, as well as stunning galleries all related to the sea that surrounds Australia. It’s a must-see for everyone with an love of the ocean, and makes for a full day’s outing with the family.

National Maritime Museum

For almost two centuries, the British reigned supreme on the oceans of the world, and they boasted one of the most powerful naval militaries of all time, as well as a long and prosperous history of discovery and expedition.

The National Maritime Museum, which can be found in the city of London, is one of the largest and most complete museums of its type, and contains archives of Britain’s travels across the oceans dating back hundreds of years. Many consider it to be the best maritime museum across the globe, and there’s plenty for both young kids and adults to enjoy.

Kobe Maritime Museum

The Kobe Maritime Museum is the biggest ocean-related museum in Japan, a country that has long had a deep connection with the ocean around them. It’s a magnificent museum with plenty on display, and while almost all of it is in Japanese, those that cannot speak the language will still be able to admire much of what’s being put on offer. There are many exhibitions to choose from, including a jet ski ride to checking out a futuristic ocean-going vessel called the Yamato 1.

The entire museum is set inside a modern, complex with a framework of steel that’s designed to look like the sails on a boat and makes for a great place to sit and enjoy the latest casino bonus Canada sites have to offer.

Vancouver Maritime Museum

This is a museum that was built as a tribute to much of the exploration of the Arctic region around Canada. It’s a fantastic museum to visit, packed with art and history, which includes a gallery of model ships that are great for children and adults alike. It’s also even possible while visiting to see craftsmen at work as they built the ships.

There’s also a Discovery Centre for children, where they’re even able to drive around a tugboat and learn more about ocean vessels and how they operate.

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