The Worlds Top Anatomical Museums

When visiting a new city for the first time, it’s often a popular choice to visit the local museums, where visitors can appreciate the culture and art of the region. But for many, visiting an anatomical museum is generally not very high on the list.

Despite this, there are a number of museums around the world that offer fascinating insight into the different aspects of biology and the human body. These are museums that are worth checking out for those that have a taste for the macabre and want to see something truly unique and different before heading back to the hotel for some of what mobile casinos Canada have to offer.

1. Anatomy Museum, The Hunterlan

There are two Hunterlan museums located in the United Kingdom because there were two brothers that originally started them. The collection in Glasgow belonged to William, who was a famous surgeon and obstetrician to the wealthy at the time.

After William and his brother parted ways, the former donated most of his collection to Glasgow University, which would later on become a multitude of oddities that he collected throughout the years.

2. Mutter Museum, Philadelphia

First founded by Dr Thomas Dent Mutter in 1863, this museum is perhaps one of the best medical museums in the United States. It makes use of a cabinet format, displaying a collection of instruments, models, and specimens for visitors to enjoy.

Some of the more famous pieces include the spin of John Wiles Booth, along with slices of Einstein’s brain. Along with this, the famous collection of skills that belonged to Dr Joseph Hyrtl can also be found.

3. International Museum of Surgical Science, Chicago

The International Museum of Surgical Science was first founded in 1935, and was created with the hope of promoting knowledge of surgery on a wider scale. It was opened to the public some twenty years later, and has a large collection of collections devoted to individual nations and the contributions they have made to the world of surgery.

One of its best specimens is collection of ancient, 4000 year old Peruvian skulls that show evidence of trepanation, the process of drilling into the skull to relieve migraines and pressure.

4. Museum Vrolik, Amsterdam

This museum was named after Willem and Gerard Vrolik, who were 19th century anatomical professors. It’s a fascinating view of their private collection, which is viewable at the house that the two lived on almost 200 years ago.

Some of the specimens that can be found at the museum include examples of malformed humans and body parts, along with some exhibits of Siamese twins, which the two men put much attention into.

5. Museum of Human Anatomy, Pisa

Situated in the town of Pisa, Italy, this is a university museum is at of the Medical School of Pisa, which was the first town in Italy to get its own anatomy school.

The museum dates back to the early part of the 19th century, and although it received some damage during World War 2, it has since been rebuilt and stands as a testament to all things related to the human body.

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