Three Truly Mysterious Photographs Without Explanation

The camera has been around for a long time, and we’ve taken countless millions of photos since it first became available to the public. And while almost all photos can be explained relatively easily, some are so bizarre that they defy most logical explanations.

In fact, some of these photos are still very much a mystery to this day, and while historians and experts have offered their own explanations, most of the time it’s nothing but speculation, meaning that we may never know the real truth.

The Man From The Future

In a photograph dating to 1941 at the South Forks Bridge in Canada, a picture was taken of a group of bystanders. While at first it looks like a group of regular people, it doesn’t take long to notice that one of them sticks out. One man seemingly seems to be dressed differently from the rest, with his clothing much closer to what we would wear today.

On top of his clothing, the man also appears to be holding a small, compact digital camera, along with modern sunglasses that look like they’d fit in with the timeline of when AFL premiership betting became available online.

While experts have argued that it’s simply a coincidence, there’s no denying that he immediately sticks out among his peers, to the point where many believe he’s actually a time traveller from the future. Without definitive evidence, we may never know the true story of the man.

The Cooper Family Corpse

The Coopers moved into their new Texas house in the 1950’s, and being excited about their move, they decided to take a picture of the entire family. Years later, and the picture shows the family off to the side, while a large figure is seen hanging from the ceiling. It remains one of the most mysterious pictures of all time, with countless attempts to debunk it as fake.

Many have suggested that the “corpse” is that of a ballerina turned upside down and darkened enough to make it seem more menacing than it really is, although closer inspections have suggested that the strange photo was created long before the invention of modern image manipulation software. It’s impossible to tell what’s really going on in the photo, and whether the corpse was really put in after the fact.

The Solway Firth Spaceman

Taken by Jim Templeton, the Solways Firth Spaceman is a picture of his daughter that shows a strange white “spaceman” standing behind her. The family claimed that there was no figure standing behind the daughter when the photo was taken, and that they only noticed it after the film had been developed.

After being sent into Kodak, it was concluded that the photograph had not been altered in any perceivable way, and countless have attempted to debunk the family’s claims. Many believe that it was just an elaborate hoax put together by Jim Templeton, although without any physical evidence, we may never know whether there was a spaceman in the picture or not.

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