Historical Books That Were Lost To Time

The world has lost a lot of books over the last few thousand years. From the decline and destruction of the Library of Alexandria to the many books burnt by the Nazis, mankind has lost an incredible amount of history and information over the years. Some of those books are so important, however, that they […]

Books Similar To Anne Frank’s Diary

The diary of Anne Frank gave a rare glimpse into real life in during World War II. The honest and often humorous account of life hidden away in a secret annex in Nazi occupied Netherlands gives readers a chilling glimpse into the life of this young girl and her family. It’s a book that can’t […]

Sci-Fi Books That Predicted The Future

Science fiction is a genre that is forever changing and evolving, always one or more steps ahead of where the world is right now. What might’ve seemed like pure fiction 100 years ago is often completely old-school and ridiculous now. That’s all down to the way that technology has grown and changed, and how it […]

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