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How To Become A Photojournalist

Photojournalism is the art of capturing important imagery that conveys the notable features of subject, usually for news and informational purposes. It’s a field that many aspire to, but only a few really have what it takes to find real success. It can take years of hard work, patience, and dedication to become a known […]

The Best Maritime Museums Worth Visiting

Mankind conquered the ocean a few hundred years ago, and it’s an important and intrinsic part of our history, including how we moved from place to place. That’s why many countries, companies, and individuals have made it a priority to try and save as much maritime-related history as possible, including the various marine artefacts and […]

The Best Horror Books Ever Written

If there’s one genre that has always been popular among the general audience, it’s horror. Fear is one of our most ancient emotions, one that has kept the human race alive over hundreds of thousands of years. It makes sense, then, that such a powerful emotion would translate well into the world of literature, where […]

A Guide To Choosing The Right Lens

Anyone that’s experienced with photography will be well aware that buying a camera body is only the first step of the process. While there are many other pieces of photo equipment that can make taking photos that much better, none of it can happen without the camera and the lens. A good lens will almost […]

The Best Hyper Realistic Artists In The World

Hyperrealism is a type of artwork that involves creating art that’s as realistic as possible. For anyone that’s attempted to draw or paint in the past, it doesn’t take long to realise that it takes a lot of time and dedication to capture an image in as much detail as possible, but trying to make […]

Popular Kinds Of Photography

Photography is among the oldest modern professions in the world, having first started out around a century ago. Today’s photographers are highly skilled, versatile artists that dedicate their lives to always getting that perfect shot. It’s also a career path that’s fairly diversified, meaning that there are a lot of branches that a young professional […]

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