The World’s 5 Best Must-Read Sci-Fi Books

Sci-fi is a timeless literary genre that has given life to some of the best novels and characters in history.

From classics like George Orwell’s 1894 to modern must-reads like Nicola Griffiths’ Ammonite, here are five of the best sci-fi books to read the next time you need a short break from your favorite mobile casino Malaysia games!

#1: 1984 – George Orwell

George Orwell’s dystopian novel is still a classic today, particularly because of the fact that many of his predictions therein have at least in some way come true. The book uses images of the future to highlight and discuss issues in the present, and despite having been written decades ago, many of the points it raises are still valid in the modern world.

1984 paints a picture of a nightmarish dystopian world in which humanity has become the victim of vicious government surveillance protocols and public propaganda tactics. This is an essential read for people of all ages, and doesn’t seem to pose any chance of dropping off the classics list any time soon!

#2: Altered Carbon – Richard K. Morgan

Altered Carbon is set in a future where interstellar travel can be achieved by transferring one’s consciousness into a new body. Morgan’s story is based on the antics of a mysterious private investigator who sees his past merging with his present as he tries to solve the murder of a rich and powerful mogul.

This dark, gritty and gripping novel also has cyberpunk undertones to it, not to mention a linked Netflix series that further elaborates on this fascinating story.

#3: Amatka – Karin Tidbeck

Tidbeck’s novel Amatka follows the story of Vanja, an information assistant living in a world where our language has complete control over reality. After being stationed at the Amatka ice colony to gather intelligence for the government, Vanja begins an unlikely romance with her roommate and extends her mission instead of heading home.

As she decides to stay, however, she starts to notice that something is deeply wrong in this particular, isolated community…

#4: Ammonite – Nicola Griffith

Ammonite is Nicola Griffiths’ first novel, and has gone on to win both the James Tiptree Junior Award and the Lambda Award for its brilliant science fiction tale. In the book, a group of people on a mission to explore the planet Jeep is almost wiped out by a terrifying virus that kills all of the men present, and most of the women as well.

A few centuries later, anthropologist Marghe is sent out to trial a vaccine on the descendants of the original expedition group, all of which are women. As she lives among them and studies the vaccine’s efficacy, Marghe enjoys change in unexpected and deeply profound ways, forever changing her outlook of the futuristic landscape in which she lives.

#5: The Best of All Possible Worlds – Karen Lord

In Lord’s highly acclaimed novel, the surviving members of the Sadiri tribe must find a way for their remaining people (mostly men) to carry on after their home-world is destroyed.

The tribe makes its way across the mystical colony planet of Cygnus Beta thanks to guidance provided by a member of the planet’s Central Government, encountering many unique cultures and people along the way as they strive to save their race from extinction.

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