The Most Accurate History Books Worth Reading

Human history is endlessly fascinating to learn about for those that are inclined. We, as a species, have accomplished amazing feats over the millennia, from successfully creating agriculture, to building massive, world-spanning empires that lasted for centuries at a time.

One of the best ways to learn about history is by reading about it – other mediums offer similar experiences, such as video – but they often aren’t always able to delve into the minor details that written books are so easily able to convey. Here we will break down some of the very best books on history that are worth investing in.

The History Of The Ancient World

Written by Susan Wise Bauer, this is a complete and overarching account of the ancient world and the many players that took part in it. It covers everything from the Fall of Rome, to the rise of the Sumerians, the Chinese, the Greeks, the Egyptians, and more.

While it’s impossible to retell every last detail of human history, this 900-page volume comes fairly close, offering readers an insight into some of the most famous (and infamous) events that took place as we rose from Stone Age hunter-gatherers into the empire-building species that we are today.

The Crusades

Thomas Asbridge does a magnificent job in retelling the events that unfolded during The Great Crusades, a time in human history where people were pitted against one another in large wars that spanned across centuries. The Crusades were fought because of religious differences, but there are countless nuances about what sparked the wars, why they were important at the time, and what prompted many people to take part in them.

Not only does it give a detailed portrayal of The Crusades themselves, but readers can expect to learn about the famous people at the time, including Saladin, Richard The Lionheart, and more. For anyone that wishes to learn more about how religion once truly split the world in half, this is the ultimate compilation of just that.

The Liberation Trilogy

World War II has long been a fascinating topic for history buffs, partly because it didn’t take place that long ago, but also because it was truly unprecedented in world history. Rick Atkinson’s The Liberation Trilogy is arguably the truly complete breakdown of everything associated with World War II, from the reasons that it started, to the many battles that took place during the course of the war.

Not only does it cover a wide range of events, but also touches on why specific countries, like the US, were surprisingly unprepared for such a large-scale conflict, and makes for a great read between bouts of enjoying online betting global sites.

A History Of The Twentieth Century

While most history is interesting, the twentieth century is perhaps one of the most fascinating, as it was a period that saw us evolve in countless different ways. Written by Martin Gilbert, this is a faithful rendition of the many events that took place during the 20th century, including those that gave rise to the world as we know it today.

Gilbert is a greater author that has covered a multitude of different topics in the past, and this is perhaps his very best work yet.

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