The Biggest Museums Anyone Can Visit

There’s an argument to be made that the bigger a building is, the more likely it is to be interesting to explore. And while this might  not apply to skyscrapers so much, large museums are definitely worth spending a day checking out. Museums are hubs of learning and give us an incredible view into the past to see how our ancestors lived. Large repositories of information are worth their weight in gold, and these are some of the largest around the world that are currently open to the public.

The Stage Hermitage Museum – Russia

This museum is made up of a number of smaller buildings and features important relics from Russia’s long and fascinating past. There are a total of six buildings that make up the complex of the museum, with Small Hermitage, Old Hermitage, New Hermitage, Winter Palace, and Hermitage Theatre all making up a single museum. It should be noted for anyone that wants to visit the museum will expect to pay a lot more for entrance tickets than what the locals typically spend.

The National Museum of China – China

This museum can be found near the infamous Tiananmen Square, which is situated in Beijing, the centre of Chinese culture. The museum was created to educate the millions of people that live in the city, introducing them to the history, of their ancestors, and the history of the country. The museum is run by the Ministry of Culture, meaning that it’s well-funded and well looked after, and is definitely a must see for anyone passing through Beijing. It’s also one of the very largest museums in the world, and makes for a great place to relax and play games that increase your joy.

The Art Institute of Chicago – The United States

The Art Institute of Chicago first opened its doors in 1979, and can be found in Grant Park, one of the oldest recreational parks in the country. The museum itself is just as old, and contains an incredible amount of history of the area, including that of both the natives and the people that eventually settled the city. It’s estimated that around 1.5 million people visit the museum every year, making it among the world’s most popular. In terms oi total land cover, it’s the largest in the world, rivalling even the Louvre.

The Louvre – France

Perhaps the world’s most well-known museum, the Louvre is a bastion for some of the history’s most incredible pieces of art. Although visitors might have to stand in line for some hours, it’s worth the time spent to see such works as The Mona Lisa. The museum can be found in the Louvre Palace, which had originally been created in the 12th century by Philip II. It’s possible to see many of the original parts of the fortress while exploring the museum’s many wonders.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – The United States

This museum, which is also known as the Met, is found in New York City and considered among the largest museums of art in the country, and one of the most visited throughout the world. It contains a total of over two million pieces of art, all of which are permanent fixtures, and all of which are worth taking a trip to see.

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