The Top Museums Featuring Egyptian History

The ancient Egyptians are considered to be one of the greatest civilisations of the ancient world, and are the only civilisation to have ancient but massive monuments that are still standing to this day. They ruled their part of the world for thousands of years, and in that time created a number of inventions that we still make use of in the modern era. Ancient Egypt was the home to powerful and memorable Pharaohs, incredible structures, a rich mythology, and large cities that were bastions of culture and the advancement of science.

Despite the fact that Egypt as a civilisation and empire collapsed thousands of years ago, much of their history has continued to live on. Scientists, historians, and archaeologists from around the world have gone to great lengths to decipher the ways of the Egyptians, including how they lived, who they worshipped, the lives of their leaders, and more. The following are some of the best museums in the world to learn more about the fascinating times of the ancient Egyptians.

The Cairo Museum

Long before the Grand Egyptian Museum was created, the Cairo Museum was considered the true bastion of ancient Egyptian history. Here, visitors can see over a hundred thousand different artefacts, as well as information of some of the greatest Pharaohs from the times, including King Tutankhamun. In fact, the Cairo Museum held his entire collection, which included treasures, his burial mask, as well as his intricate sarcophagus.

Karnak Open Air Museum

This museum can be found at the Karnak complex, which is situated in the area that was once the capital city of Ancient Egypt: Thebes. The Open Air Museum is one of the very best ways to get a first-hand glimpse of the architecture of the Egyptians, which is thanks to how well-preserved the monuments are in the area.

It’s the largest open air museum in the world, and contains a variety of different structures and artefacts that date back thousands of years. The Red Chapel of Hatshepsut, the Wall of Akhenaton, and the Alabaster Chapel of Amenhotep are just some of the sites that are worth checking out when visiting this unique and ancient place.

The Alexander National Museum

Based on the metropolitan city of Alexander that was once the hub of culture and science in the ancient world, the Alexander National Museum is one of the best ways to gain an understanding of the lives of the Egyptians, as well as several other cultures and religions.

Architecturally, the museum is nothing special, but it won’t take long for visitors to realise the multitude of treasures that can be found inside, including a vast array of artefacts, texts, books, and more, and even makes a great place to sit and read, or check out the latest horse betting sites in Australia.

Other museums that are also worth checking out for those that want to learn more about ancient Egypt include The National Museum Of Egyptian Civilisation, the Museum of Islamic Art, the Nubian Museum, and many others.

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