The Top Unmissable Museums Throughout Africa

Africa is a continent overflowing with history, culture, and adventure. Despite many of its countries having difficult pasts, the vast majority of the people of Africa have done everything they can to boost their respective countries, which includes building incredible museums that are open to the entire world. For those that are planning a trip to see as much of Africa as they possibly can, these are some of the best museums on the continent that are not worth missing out on.

Mapungubwe Museum

Mapungubwe is a perfect representation of what it was like during the Iron Age in the area, which was a time when the human race was beginning to learn how to build more advanced tools out of iron. At the museums, visitors will find a wide variety of fascinating objects from the period, including bead and ceramic collections. On top of that, the University of Pretoria has gone to great lengths to make the museum as informative as possible, and it’s among the best museums that Africa has available, especially for those that have a love for ancient history.

Red Castle Museum

Found in the breath taking country of Libya, the Red Castle Museum is a standing testament to the many empires that once ruled the region. The museum is home to a huge number of artefacts that have been left behind from the ages, some of them African in origin, while others are Italian. First opened in 1919, the museum was first opened by the colonial Italians before the country fell into British hands at the end of the Second World War. It makes a great place to sit and enjoy Australian betting sites between tours. They continued to expand the museum, adding more artefacts from the surrounding area, until it became the unmissable venue that it is today.

Museum of Modern Art of Algiers

The Museum of Modern Art of Algiers is a gorgeous art museum that can be found in the city of Algiers, Algeria. The building is over 100 years old and was first used as a department store by the French colonialists that had taken over the region. Almost 100 years later, the building was reimagined as a museum to display the Arabic culture and history that has made up such a vital part of the country’s past and was put together by the Ministry of Culture.

Iziko Museum

First founded in 1825, the Iziko Museum is one of the oldest on the continent, and among the most well curated in the world. Found in the city of Cape Town in South Africa, it houses a number of important pieces of African history. Much of what’s on display is aimed at promoting the long and fascinating histories of the peoples of South Africa, especially the ones that lived in the Western Cape of South Africa, the Khoisan. Today, the museum is still open to the public, and is worth seeing for anyone that has a love for African history.

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