6 Books that Everyone Should Read

Books are a wonderful way of escaping into different worlds and can teach us many things. These books are a must read, at least once.

6. The Diary of Anne Frank

Written by a young girl, Anne Frank, while in hiding during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. The Frank family was discovered in 1944 and Anne died while in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp a year later.

The diary was found and given to Otto Frank, known to be the sole survivor of the family.  This very popular book has since been translated into many languages and has inspired many plays and movies.

5. The Alchemist

Written by Paul Coelho the story follows an Andalusian shepherd, Santiago who has a recurring dream.  A woman interprets the dream for him and tells him he will find treasure at the pyramids in Egypt.

On his journey to Egypt he meets Melchizedek who tells him how to accomplish all he wants in life.  He encounters many obstacles on his way, falls in love, makes a marriage proposal and discovers disappointment.

4. To Kill a Mockingbird

Published in 1960, this novel written by Harper Lee was an instant success and won a Pulitzer Prize.  The story is based loosely on her life particularly something that happened in Monroeville, Alabama in 1936.

Although the book deals with difficult issues such as rape and racism it is filled with warmth and humour.  The book has been ranked as “a book every adult should read before they die.”

3. The Kite Runner

Written by Khaled Hosseini this bestseller follows Amir from Kabul and his best friend Hassan.  Set during difficult and uncertain times during the toppling of Afghanistan monarchy, Soviet intervention, refugees fleeing to Pakistan and the US and the rise of the Taliban.

The themes that feature prominently are guilt and redemption and the story revolves around a terrible act of violence against Hassan where Amir fails to intervene.  Later in the book Amir tries to seek redemption and to atone for his transgression.

2. Great Expectations

This is the 13th novel written by Charles Dickens and centres around Pip, an orphan.  The book features memorable scenes and is filled with symbolism.  The other characters in the book are colourful and come to life as Dickens uses themes of wealth and poverty, love and rejection and the ultimate point of the book, good triumphs over evil.

This book received much acclaim and can be found in many languages, much like onlinebetting.nz that now also offer a great form of entertainment- albeit of a different kind.

1. Little Women

Written by Louisa May Alcott, an American author, this book that was originally published in two parts follows the March sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy.  The book became an overnight success and was loosely based on the author and her sisters.

It is a wonderful, heart-warming story of a family.  She wrote the second part entitled Good Wives, which also became very popular and in 1880 both parts were released as one novel, Little Women.  Major themes include love, work and domesticity.

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