Popular Kinds Of Photography

Photography is among the oldest modern professions in the world, having first started out around a century ago. Today’s photographers are highly skilled, versatile artists that dedicate their lives to always getting that perfect shot. It’s also a career path that’s fairly diversified, meaning that there are a lot of branches that a young professional can look at when choosing one to follow.

For those that might be interested in becoming a photographer themselves, or simply want to learn more about the many facets that the world of photography consists of, these are the most common types found around the world.


A photojournalist is a person that strives to capture moments that tell the truth; ones that may go down in history as defining images for current and future generations to see. It’s about being as objective as humanly possible, to not manipulate or change a scene in any way before capturing it for the record.

To become a photojournalist, one would need to study journalism at university with a minor in photography and/or videography. Most of their work will be published in either magazines or newspapers.

Portrait Photography

Here, photography is focused on capturing either an individual or a group, and it’s among the most common around. Often used to take pictures of models, especially their faces, it’s one that only requires the photographer to have some background lessons in how to properly use light and a background scene to get the perfect picture.

Wildlife Photography

Aimed for those that are adventurous at heart and want to take pictures of the rare but unforgettable moments that occur in the natural world, wildlife photography is a fulfilling career that attracts anyone with a lot of patience and is willing to venture out into the wilderness.

Here, a photographer will often work for a natural magazine or website, and it’s becoming more important than ever to show the general public just how important the natural world truly is.

Fashion Photography

Similar in some ways to portrait photography, here the focus is instead on clothing and the people that wear them, and it’s common to find some of the most successful photographers in the world snapping away as models strut down the catwalk, and it’s grown almost as popular as the online gambling casino industry.

It’s a popular branch to take up as a career due to the fact that it’s great for being as creative as possible, allowing the photographer to construct scenes and scenarios for their subjects. Communication here is absolutely key to getting the scene just right and expect to take thousands of body and face shots along the way.

Architectural Photography

These photographers are hired to showcase both the exterior and interior of a specific building or location. It can range from small apartments to massive skyscrapers, with a focus on making them as visually appealing as possible. It’s common to bring in professional photographers when putting a house or property on the market to make it attractive to potential buyers.

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